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TEKNA® ProLite Approval Letters  

TEKNA Pro and ProLite gravity feed spray guns with either TE10 or TE20 air cap complies with regulations for application of color coatings and clear coatings in the following areas. TEKNA Pro and TEKNA ProLite gravity feed spray guns with either theTE10 or TE20 air cap is also compliant in all areas not requiring HVLP.  The TEKNA Pro and TEKNA Pro-Lite gravity spray gun must be used with a DeVilbiss® spray gun mounted air adjusting valve with a DeVilbiss 100 psig (full scale) mechanical gauge with markings every 2 psig or a DeVilbiss 160 psig (full scale) digital pressure gauge that measures in 1 psig increments. This air adjusting valve and gauge shall be maintained in good working order. The maximum inlet pressure to the gun shall be 35 PSI when using the TE10 air cap or 26 PSI when using the TE20 air cap as measured with the supplied air adjusting valve and gauge.  Approvals to be added as they come in.

All Approved Areas
State & General Jurisdiction
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Agency                                      Complies with Rule/Regulation
TEKNA ProLite Approval Certificate See Certificate See Certificate
USA - EPA Environmental Protection Agency 40CFR part 63 subpart HHHHHH
CA - Redding Shasta County Department of Resource Management Rule 3:25 (c)(5)(e)
CA - Lancaster Antelope Valley Air Quality Management District Rule 1151(c)(3)(a)(iii)
CA - Trona, Barstow, Yucca Valley and Needles Areas Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District Rule 1116(c)(2)(a)(iii)
CA - Placer County Placer County Air Pollution Control District Rule 234, Section 303.5
CA - San Joaquin Valley San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District Rule 4612 (5)(8)(4)
CA - Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District Rule 339.D.7.e
CA - Greater Los Angeles Metro South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 1151(d)(7)(a)(iii)
CA - Chico and Paradise Butte County Air Quality Management District Rule 235,(3)(5)(5)
CA - Ventura, Oxnard and Santa Paula Ventura County Air Pollution Control District Rule 74.18.b.e
CA - Eastern Kern County Eastern Kern Air Pollution Control District District Rule 410.4A
CA - Davis, West Sacramento and Woodlands Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District Rule 2.26, Section 302.3
CO - 8 Hour Ozone Control Area Colorado Air Quality Managment District  Regulation No. 3 and 7
IN - State Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management  326 IAC 8-10
IL - State Illinois EPA  Section 218.219 and 219.219(b)(6)(H)
MA - State MA Dept. of Environmental Protection  310 CMR 7.03(16) & 310 CMR 7.18(28)
New Jersey
NJ - State State of New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection Rule (N.J.A.C. 7:27-16.12)
New York
NY - State New York State Department of Environmental Conservation 6 NYCRR 228.3(f)(2)(vii)
OH - State State of Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Rule 3745-21-18(C)(1)(k)
OR - State Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality  SeRule 340-242-0620(2)(h)
PA - City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health - Air Management Services Air Management Regulation V, Section XIV(G)(1)(c)
PA - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Table III of 25 Pa. Code Section 129.75(c)
TX - State Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Title 30, Part 1, Chapter 106, Subchapter S, Rule 106.436 for Auto Body Refinishing Facilities, Paragraph 8


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